About Us

Adwages is a leading online Affiliate Program Management Company that promises to provide benefits to both advertisers and publishers … We have made a mark in the affiliate marketing world with formation of our own Premium Affiliate Network, primarily focusing on free-to-play Mobile and Desktop games.

We are capable in generating top quality game players with our vast network of international gaming affiliates for the top F2P Game Developers. At the same time, Adwages has emerged as a leader to offer up to par Advertising solutions to advertisers to enhance their revenue from affiliate.

Our wide ranges of services includes Affiliate Marketing, Client Acquisition, Web Advertising, Affiliate Program Management, Lead Generation, Performance Marketing, Media Buying and Pay Per Click Management. Adwages is specialized in Gaming verticals and helps to generate revenue through CPM [Cost Per Mille], CPC [Cost Per Click], CPI [Cost Per Install] as well as Email Marketing.

Advertiser Benefits

  • Devotional and high quality support
  • Help to boost your business
  • Create new links
  • International reach
  • Cooperative staff service
  • Flexible campaign

Publishers Benefits

  • Easy payment procedure through wire / Paypal
  • Net3O payments/ weekly/ bi-weekly
  • Support all 7 days
  • Management, tacking & reporting on time
  • International level reach, able to area specific monetization
  • Mobile-friendly publisher platform
  • Complete campaign API for easy integration
  • On time XML, Postback and pixel tracking