Adwages is committed to engage player attention to your gaming world. Our powerful network helps drive international traffic that helps in generating quality ROI under your budget. We aim to help you achieve success in monetization on your media through player retention optimization. Being a powerful affiliate marketing provider, Adwages supports you getting targeted traffic by a risk-free CPL and CPI basis.

Our complete focus is winning the heart of our advertisers and affiliates through quality services so that long term relation can be maintained and premium results can be gained. Today, Adwages feels proud for its consistent and top quality work.

Promotional Features

  • Email - Effective email advertising is used to increase conversions. Emails carrying advertising banners and one power punch click to directly reach to your website resulting in getting valuable traffic.
  • Contextual - We ensures to provide you with the best results by targeting those ads that are relevant to your business. It is our commitment to make your advertisement worthy for you.
  • Display - Adwages is number one is offering advertising display in every size to variety. From plaint simple text banners to attractive media banners can be selected. We ensure that every ad is related to your services.
  • Mobile - Adwages makes your brand visible to a large number of people with mobile advertising services.
  • Search - Adwages ensures to provide the best search engine platforms so that your investment becomes worthy for you. Our affiliates are qualitative and able to provide multiple quality clicks per day at the minimal keyword bids.
  • Social - Socialization with your audiences is must. We care for this, therefore ready to enhance your brand awareness through social networking.
Process We Follow

  • Optimize - Our team constantly keeps an eye on your advertising campaign and removes those banners that fail to provide the desired result.
  • Build - Adwages offers you to choose your own style affiliates campaign and launch it. Choose your advertisings on your own.
  • Target - We ensure you to reach to the targeted audiences. We have reach to the global audiences. We are committed to target the audiences that you wish.
Models of Advertising

  • CPC - The online advertising model is effective to get direct traffic from sites. In the Cost Per Click, advertisers pays to publishers (most probably website owners) for per clicks.
  • CPA - Cost Per Action is also a powerful online advertising medium to get direct traffic where publishers (most website owners) are paid by advertisers for the actions like selling, downloading, lead etc…
  • CPM - Cost per Mille or Cost Per Thousands drives direct traffic where publishers paid a fixed price by advertisers for displaying an advertisement for each thousand time.

Examining Campaigns - As a campaign execution and creation process are dynamic, advertisers can able to easily evaluate, monitor and launch the campaign result in a few hours.

Quick Feedback of Performance - Our platforms allows you to evaluate your campaign performance without much waiting, give a chance to make faster and better decision of marketing. The performance report sends to you on time, you don’t need to wait for hours and days.

Target as Per Your Demand - Your advertisements are targeted in various parameters including city, country, global, age, gender and so on to make your campaign successful.

Proper Control on Campaigns - We have better management to get control over your campaigns. Changes in campaign parameters are made on request and quickly.

Quality Time and Effort Saving - Web based media planning and campaign management tools allow to automate many time-consuming and repetitive tasks.

Fraud Control - Quality affiliates is our promise. With Scrub Kit, Adwages keeps an eye on fraudulent activities. We constantly work on removing the fraudulent affiliates.

Rapid Campaign Organization - We have turned ourselves as a powerful affiliates by getting proper control on posting and launching a campaign within a few hours.