Privacy Policy

General Information

We at Adwages care for the privacy of our clients at any cost. We want our clients to confidently use our services with an asurance that their privacy is not compromised.

Data Collection & Sharing

Your personal information like emails is safely stored in our device. The information is kept until you are active or for the time period required for complying with legal or other requirements. It is not shared to third parties until law requirements. Only after your consent, we can share your personal information.


We use cookies ( a cookie is called as a web cookie, internet cookie or http cookie, designed for websites to record user’s activity such as clicks, logging in or pages visited). Adwages uses the reliable mechanism to keep an eye on the performance of advertisements and taking out the accurate data of the site traffic and interaction, in order to offer better user’s experience by improving its affiliate network activities. Adwages can contract with third party services in order to help us understanding our site visitors. These third parties are not allowed to use your personal information, they just help us to enhance our occupation and provide the best user’s experience.

Third Party Links

Occasionally, Adwages provides third party links at its site. There is a separate privacy policy for them that they have to follow. Adwages is not liable for the third party’s advertisement content and activities of such links. On the other hand, Adwages is careful to protect its integrity and welcomes users to provide comments on third party links.

Security of Information

Adwages practices all safety measures to protect your personal information. We use high-end technology like software to provide the best protection and stop any unauthorized access. Our reliable staff has authority to access your personal information or related third party (related service providers) can access your details.

We have the right to bring some changes in our privacy policy but we ensure to not to reduce your right under the policy without your approval.

If you have any doubt or any complaint regarding the policy contact us