What is Affiliate Marketing

It is a performance based marketing. The online advertising allows any online businesses to affiliate themselves with site owner (best known as publishers) through affiliate programs. Traffic, selling and leads are generated by publishers for the merchants. Affiliate program commission models are using by merchants, including CPC, CPL and CPS. It is a huge industry where various types of industries are benefiting. It is powerful yet cost effective marketing. We have got specialization in Online Gaming Affiliate Marketing. The affiliate marketing has 4 core players – merchants (retailers or brands), the network (manage affiliate by taking care of payments and has offers for the affiliate), publishers and customers.

The Cycle of Affiliate Marketing

  • Adwages — Affiliate Management
  • Affiliates make relationships with businesses like yours
  • Advertising your services or products
  • Users come in contact with ads
  • Your site receives targeted consumers
  • Selling of products
  • Publishers are paid for enhancing selling

In detail, affiliate stands for a revenue-sharing plan where website owners with the help of the internet computerized programs position the affiliate marketing company advertisements in their sites. For this they get a recommended fee or a percentage when selling is made, opt-in for downloading, per lead, per click or per thousand impressions on the merchant's site. Advertisers pay for online promotion campaigns to online promotion applications such as Good Adwords, Yahoo etc.

There are different types of advertising methods are used to attract consumers. The rate of advertisements is also different. Some affiliates want to display sponsored links with a title, some choose to display product pictures with rates, some allow to display those advertisements relevant to their site content and others feel ok with general advertisings.

There are different payouts for different website owners and the most common is compensated per simply click. Visitors click the ad and pay per click is decided which could be fixed or a percentage while selling is performed or compensation for clicks only (pay per lead). It is why both affiliates and promoters should carefully make selection for an affiliate network that able to provide the best result.

I hope you can now understand what affiliate marketing is. If you have any internet property like your site or blogging, you can feel free to connect with us to earn constant and passive income. Sign up here. To know more or wish to clear any doubt, contact us.